Your Trusted Civil Engineering Service in Central Arizona

When you’re in need of an experienced and trusted civil engineer in Central Arizona, make your first choice Verde Engineering Group, PLLC. With more than 40 years of professional experience and a portfolio that spans the gamut of projects big and small, we aim to apply our expertise to your project, whatever it may be. Our services and expertise focus on:

Land development and project management

Whether for residential, commercial or industrial projects, we’re seasoned experts when it comes to site preparation for a new development. We understand the nuances and requirements of each different type of building being planned and can engineer the appropriate designs to meet the current and future needs of that building. From something as simple as a new home addition, to the creation of a sizeable manufacturing plant, we’re on hand to make sure your project is sound, from the ground up.

Water resources

Our familiarity with water resource systems has made us a standalone civil engineering service in Central Arizona when the need for precise planning is instrumental in a sound development. We have experience in dealing with water systems, pipelines, water storage and other infrastructure design and development aspects of water resource projects, including irrigation systems. Our ability to properly adapt a project to specific needs is what has made us such an authority on numerous water resource projects and we continue to lend our experience and expertise to aqueous undertakings.

Municipal infrastructure

When the need arises for your municipal project to be undertaken by a civil engineer in Central Arizona with a depth of experience in city planning, make Verde Engineering Group, PLLC your trusted option. From planning sewage systems and undertaking flood plains studies, to designing roadways and site planning for large-scale municipal construction, we do it all to the highest level of excellence, to ensure sustainability of the finished product. We can even provide you with comprehensive AutoCAD designs to help facilitate a more complete picture of the project before ground is broken.

To discuss your next undertaking with an experienced and talented civil engineer in Central Arizona, don’t hesitate to contact the professionals at Verde Engineering Group, PLLC by calling 928-595-2816 today.

Residential Engineering in Central Arizona

Based in Payson, Arizona, our primary service area includes the Mogollon Rim and surrounding areas in Central Arizona.

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Residential, commercial, and municipal land development and project management.

Water resources, including water systems, pipelines, water storage, and other infrastructure design & development

Irrigation systems

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Sewage systems

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Flood plain studies

Auto CAD design service